Ski Experience
Ski Experience
  • Designed ski experience of a lifetime.
  • Together with outstanding ski instructors, we offer daily ski trips.
  • We arrange for you individual ski lessons to improve or to strengthen your skiing abilities.
  • Our guarantee is – ski in 3 hours!
  • Give yourself an amazing ski adventure in the surroundings of the Alps!


MTB Experience
MTB Experience
  • Do you like biking?
  • Do you enjoy every moment in the mountains?
  • Combine biking with mountains and gain lifetime memories of adventure, adrenaline and all the little things hidden in the trails of the local mountains.
  • Want to learn more? To be more self-confident on your bike?
  • Do not hesitate – book your unforgettable mountain bike experience today!


Energetic Massage
Energetic Massage
  • If you sense the feeling in your body like your batteries are low?
  • Can you also feel the tension in your body?
  • Experience THE ENERGETIC MASSAGE – and your body will be very grateful!